Sandra Angelia

Politically aware young lady Sandra Angelia scores a crushing victory for East Java in Miss Indonesia 2008.

Miss Indonesia 2008

At the Jakarta Convention Center on the night of 13th May Sandra Angelia from East Java became Miss Indonesia 2008, chosen by a seven panel jury which included our hyper-nationalist politician friend from Golkar Yudhi Chrisnandi. Sandra was also chosen as Miss Favorit by the SMS voting masses.

Also Ran

Kartika Indah Pelapory from Maluku was Runner Up I while Priscilla Yvonne Supit from North Sulawesi was Runner Up II, but enough about them.

Preacher Man’s Daughter

Sandra is the happy result of a union between Christian pastor Yusak Hadisiswantoro and Asti Tanuseputra. Her grandfather, Abraham Alex Tanuseputra, is the founder of the Bethany “Successful Families” Church.

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