Adinia Wirasti

Adinia Wirasti (born 19 January 1986 age 22 years old better known by the name of Asti) is a stage name that began after the movie star With Love There Is? (AADC) in 2002 and a role as Carmen.

Asti started his career as a model in a teenage magazine. Set debut occurred through the AADC.

He get Citra Cup as a player for Best Supporting Women's Film Festival Indonesia 2005 for his role in a movie about him. In the movie Asti role as Rudy. In addition, he also received the award at the Bandung Film Festival for the same film.

In 2006, Asti again prove expertise Set in the film and the World They Room. March 2007 and again in the latest film titled 3 Days to Forever is directed by Riri Riza

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